FULL First Round Mock Draft: Post Super Bowl & Goff Trade

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Jackson Szejda
Jackson Szejda 20 timmar sedan
imagine calling it a goff trade 😂😂😂 it was for stafford
Kingalex Medina
Kingalex Medina Dag sedan
Bucky says eagles pick a TE for whatttttt my guy they have Dallas and zach is out of philly and eagles need a WR
MDWGUNS 3 dagar sedan
If you are watching Mock Drafts for anything other than familiarisation of the draftees then you’re a fool.
La Shawn Jordan
La Shawn Jordan 3 dagar sedan
I would definitely love Kwity Payne for the Minnesota Vikings SKOL it’s Ronald Lashawn Jordan 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 Mike Zimmer gets his guy
eerreennee 3 dagar sedan
1 word for this... VOMIT
aurvect1 5 dagar sedan
0:09- Jags 0:53- Jets 1:58- Dolphins 2:41- Falcons (Chokers) 3:23 Bengals THERES THE TOP 5 PICKS
Christopher Bishop
Christopher Bishop 6 dagar sedan
Worst Mock draft after 5 was the worse I have seen yet.... Bucky.... BRUH.... I NEED WHAT YOU ARE SMOKING
Christopher Bishop
Christopher Bishop 6 dagar sedan
Lions have no WR??????? Kenny Galladay????? really? what about Marvin Jones????? Bucky im sorry but with those comments I don't trust you with anything when it comes to football anymore
Brock Stephenson
Brock Stephenson 6 dagar sedan
O ya I forgot the bears aren’t doing this deaft according to y guys
Vivian Martin
Vivian Martin 7 dagar sedan
Smith can make magic happen with tua..there you go pushing who you like..they will take smith for tua
Vivian Martin
Vivian Martin 7 dagar sedan
Neither one of these guys are ever right after they push the number one guy
Dylan Matykiewicz
Dylan Matykiewicz 8 dagar sedan
Jendify 5 dagar sedan
thats too risky just because he has "chemistry" with tua. if you opened your eyes Ja'marr is better then smith.
Bobby Harper
Bobby Harper 8 dagar sedan
why does brooks get to make these his mocks are always ass and dead wrong
Nash Lawhon
Nash Lawhon 8 dagar sedan
This is laughably terrible.
NfL Patriots
NfL Patriots 8 dagar sedan
No way Devonta smith gets passed the Dolphins, eagles, giants, or Patriots
Hahah Person
Hahah Person 8 dagar sedan
Aint now way the eagles arent picking ja marr chase or devanta smith
76ers Champs
76ers Champs 8 dagar sedan
My Eagles are not taking a 3rd tight end!
Jacob Osborne
Jacob Osborne 9 dagar sedan
There is absolutely no way the Steelers don't draft an O-lineman in the 1st round
Mik D
Mik D 9 dagar sedan
I wish nfl would pay me to do mock drafts!
Alec Gold
Alec Gold 9 dagar sedan
You would have to be dumb by saying the eagles are taking a TE with Ertz and Goedert, Erts might not be here next season but Goedert is still a top 10 TE by himself. It has to be either Jamar chase or Davonte smith maybe even Waddle
HaloMediaRecords 9 dagar sedan
Sam darnold stinks
Ish 10 dagar sedan
Devonta smith not goin that low
Zachary Cooper
Zachary Cooper 10 dagar sedan
Cowboys jimmy Garoppolo QB
Zachary Cooper
Zachary Cooper 10 dagar sedan
Dallas cowboys qb Zach Wilson
nocloutleo 10 dagar sedan
if the jets take justin fields they just wasted good talent
Bashar Z
Bashar Z 10 dagar sedan
BS the 49ers are drafting a QB RD1
TacoMan14798 10 dagar sedan
Broncos drafting Patrick Surtain II will 100% be their pick. I would almost guarantee it
TacoMan14798 10 dagar sedan
Zach Wilson will not go before Trey Lance
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson 10 dagar sedan
Fields over Wilson? We will see. . .I would take Mac Jones over Fields.
The Big Oof
The Big Oof 8 dagar sedan
Same lmao I have very low confidence in fields
L.O.V.E 10 dagar sedan
Trade #1 Pick For Watson, Najee Harris End the Rd
Michael Mcdonald
Michael Mcdonald 10 dagar sedan
The Eagles wanna do what with Carson Wentzs career? Can I hear that again?
Brycen Godfrey
Brycen Godfrey 11 dagar sedan
Hahah toney, Jesus like chiefs need more offense, more like DBs an depth at OLine
Undecided Knight
Undecided Knight 11 dagar sedan
Who’s here after the Wentz trade
Chase Benson
Chase Benson 11 dagar sedan
Who’s here after Carson wentz was traded
Uno Stx
Uno Stx 11 dagar sedan
Steelers need running back
Andrew Hopoi
Andrew Hopoi 11 dagar sedan
you can tell this guy is a Bama hater! Funny how he got everybody else drafted before the Best proven players who are clearly from Bama! What an idiot, how the hell do you get to do this?
Isaiah Olvera
Isaiah Olvera 11 dagar sedan
The Saints need that safety. They should also use that 2nd rounder on a corner or an interior offensive lineman. We should also burn our 5th or 6th rounder on any wr who runs a 4.3 just to have him.
Jack Stephens
Jack Stephens 11 dagar sedan
Why would the heisman trophy winner go 16 th
Fishy Icee
Fishy Icee 11 dagar sedan
Chase over smith? Tua has the chemistry with smith, ofc the dolphins are gunna take him
Slickislit 69
Slickislit 69 11 dagar sedan
Trevor is going to be a bust
c 11 dagar sedan
Just when I think Bucky can't get any dumber I stumble over a new video. Seriously, who pays this guy! I gotta 6yr. old son that knows more than this fool. Bucky is a perfect example of how stupid a person can sound when he know's 1/2 the story.
Llama Of Vinter
Llama Of Vinter 11 dagar sedan
Watching this as a Steelers fan making the Tim Allen Home Improvement noise of confusion. Really? A linebacker. We have Bush, will likely sign Watt, potential to lose Dupree but already signed Highsmith to replace him if need be. We have the 32nd ranked running game of the league, the all time worst last year, an ageing o-line with a recently retired center now to add to it, a cadre of average RBs the senior one out of contract, an ageing QB who may not be around if he's cut, potential to lose one or both of Hilton or Sutton. And Bucky says, "linebacker, that's where the number one need is on this team". Uuh....
Sadmi K
Sadmi K 11 dagar sedan
“The Philadelphia Eagles are all in, they want to revive and resuscitate Carson Wentz” This didn’t age well
Vivian Martin
Vivian Martin 7 dagar sedan
Well we know your wrong
Nicklaus Pham Kratz
Nicklaus Pham Kratz 8 dagar sedan
Anthony Bostic
Anthony Bostic 12 dagar sedan
Yeah this mock draft ain't it
Skull FC
Skull FC 12 dagar sedan
This mock draft looks so different from every one else's that it's just wrong
ClarinetG02 12 dagar sedan
Philly is gonna take devante smith
SenorTrucha 12 dagar sedan
If he is available, there is no way the Giants pass on Smith....
Nate Carter
Nate Carter 12 dagar sedan
why the hell would the giants or patriots pass on devonta smith
Why Whyerson
Why Whyerson 12 dagar sedan
Terrace Marshall gonna be a steal
Robert Contreras
Robert Contreras 12 dagar sedan
what happened to bears pick?
Doc Holiday
Doc Holiday 12 dagar sedan
Everyone is saying how bad this mock draft is, but can y’all give me some examples of how? Like which picks are bad?
Doc Holiday
Doc Holiday 8 dagar sedan
@The Big Oof besides that
The Big Oof
The Big Oof 8 dagar sedan
How about the heisman winner dropping to #16
Anthony Bostic
Anthony Bostic 12 dagar sedan
If you've been paying attention to the season you would know
Peter Carr
Peter Carr 12 dagar sedan
This is a joke if devonta smith or chase is on the board the eagles are talking them they are not gonna take Kyle pits when they already have 2 good tightends
BRAYLON HENDERSON 12 dagar sedan
football team is not getting mac jones they have the hinike whatever it is if mac jones is not picked pick 28 saints have to get him and if they don't bears will its up to three teams to get him panthers bears and saints
YoungBoy J
YoungBoy J 12 dagar sedan
Crazy cause my name is Jamar just spelt differently from ja’marr and my brother name is chase
James 13 dagar sedan
Buddy giants aren’t gonna pass on smith lol
Workday Orange
Workday Orange 13 dagar sedan
I forgot that Urban Myer was hired as Jacksonville’s HC. They say it’s a no brainer that they draft Trevor Lawerence over Justin Fields? Urban play style wouldn’t pass up on him especially since he is from his previous school
Nate Carter
Nate Carter 12 dagar sedan
they would be fuking stupid to pick fields over lawrence
theRealR3KT Lucky
theRealR3KT Lucky 13 dagar sedan
I like how espn thinks the eagles will take another te😂😂😂
Conner Gore
Conner Gore 13 dagar sedan
there is no way bills aint picking a 3rd round guy in the first round heck naw
Flash Lindsey
Flash Lindsey 13 dagar sedan
6 should be the slim reaper
Jake Leone
Jake Leone 13 dagar sedan
Steelers aren’t taking a Line Backer they don’t need one😂 they need help in many other positions like RB and OL
francisco Flores
francisco Flores 13 dagar sedan
If devonta smith really drops that low I kinda wish the chargers got him 🤷🏽‍♂️
Samuel Steward
Samuel Steward 13 dagar sedan
Najee Harris should go to Buffalo
Tacuache Pranks
Tacuache Pranks 13 dagar sedan
Cardinals get smith at 16 ?? What a steal !!!!
TmdemarzoBruins 13 dagar sedan
having the patriots take a liebacker of davonta smith is absolute idiocy.
Doc Holiday
Doc Holiday 13 dagar sedan
Hey guys! I made my own Mock Draft and I wanna see what you think about it. Reply ur opinion Jags: Trevor Lawrence Jets: Zach Wilson Dolphins: Devonta Smith Falcons: Justin Fields Bengals: Penei Sewell Eagles: Rashawn Slater Lions: Micah Parsons Panthers: Patrick Surtain Broncos: Trey Lance Cowboys: Caleb Farley Giants: Kyle Pitts 49ers: Gregory Rousseau Chargers: Ja’marr Chase Vikings: Jaycee Horn Patriots: Jaylen Waddle Cardinals : Christian Darrisaw Raiders: Kwity Paye Dolphins: Najee Harris Skins: Alijah Vera-Tucker Bears: Kadarius Toney Colts: Mac Jones Titans: Ronnie Perkins Jets: Jalen Mayfield Steelers: Greg Newsome Jaguars: Jaelen Phillips Browns: Joe Tyron Ravens: Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah Saints: Teven Jenkins Packers: Trevon Moehrig Bills: Azeez Ojulari Chiefs: Landon Dickerson Bucs: Nick Bolton
Mason Allen
Mason Allen 13 dagar sedan
4:35 my dude just got left hanging 🤣🤣
Mitch Farrell
Mitch Farrell 13 dagar sedan
Detroit would NEVER take Waddle over Smith, that’s absolute nonsense. They already have a return man in Agnew
Ntchwai Bey
Ntchwai Bey 13 dagar sedan
Excellent pick Bucky Brooks, all the White Pundits, have Zach Wilson Being the Pick, and he is not Better than Justin Fields, all the White Pundits, want the Jets, to pick Zach Wilson because he is a White Guy.
zach sullivan
zach sullivan 13 dagar sedan
Yeah like devonta smith is dropping to 16😂
Oliver Zellen
Oliver Zellen 13 dagar sedan
at 6
Oliver Zellen
Oliver Zellen 13 dagar sedan
no way this sorry te is the best te ever
Oliver Zellen
Oliver Zellen 13 dagar sedan
a 6
Musterboii Gaming
Musterboii Gaming 14 dagar sedan
Justin fields will not go number 2
Mike Hoban
Mike Hoban 14 dagar sedan
Kyle Pitts at 6? That's a joke. How about DaVontae Smith or Michael Parson the LB from Penn St. Edit: Eagles already have Goedert who will be a Top 10 TE within the next 2 years. We NEED A WR, Jalen Hurts played with Smith at Alabama, that'd be the perfect pick for the Birds
TFMPlays 14 dagar sedan
zach wilson looks to be the next big draft bust lmao
John Bracamontes
John Bracamontes 14 dagar sedan
What the Hell !!! You skipped the 20th pick
Trickshotlegends 01
Trickshotlegends 01 14 dagar sedan
You lost me at eagles pick, goedert is one of the better tight ends in league
K-Dino 16
K-Dino 16 14 dagar sedan
Devonta Smith will be the best player from this draft, trust me...
Jerel Moye
Jerel Moye 11 dagar sedan
Timages Phx
Timages Phx 14 dagar sedan
This is the first mock I've seen with the Steelers throwing a first at linebacker. They need some maulers up front. The defense in the Burgh will be fine. But there's is no running game at all.
Antonio Reyes
Antonio Reyes 14 dagar sedan
I agree but we need a inside backer to pair up with Devin Bush, this year's lineman class is pretty good so they'll find someone in the later rounds
thatwannabe 14 dagar sedan
Bears need Christian Darrisaw and I would love the Jets to draft Travis Etienne anyway
Swifty2k 14 dagar sedan
Devonta at number 16 the hell
Monica Handy
Monica Handy 14 dagar sedan
I hope Minnesota gets Gregory. Imagine with Hunter sheeeesesh
THE JC SHOW 14 dagar sedan
Dolphins fasho taking devonta smith
Fenix_Flame 321
Fenix_Flame 321 14 dagar sedan
devonte smith is going to the giants
InfiniteIdeas 14 dagar sedan
I don't want Mac Jones, rather stick with Heinicke for a year then draft a QB I don't believe in
The Curca's
The Curca's 14 dagar sedan
Absolutely not if the eagles are taking anyone right now if they have the chance is devonta smith
RudeKnee 14 dagar sedan
This is foolish but I guess chase makes the most sense for the Dolphins(not)which I don’t get but ok 👌🏾
Jamal Jama
Jamal Jama 14 dagar sedan
The merciful ferryboat fascinatingly visit because burn atypically untidy before a null flesh. adjoining, direful vise
Jamir Eubanks
Jamir Eubanks 14 dagar sedan
I want the giants to draft a wr I would take rashod Bateman 💯
Smoke 14 dagar sedan
Devante smith is good in college but the NFL is different bro, his Size and speed gonna make him drop, his a smaller receiver that runs a 4.5
Vance Rutledge
Vance Rutledge 14 dagar sedan
For sure, let’s take the guy who broke his ankle over the guy who broke randy moss’ college reception record 100% beat idea
Jake Porter
Jake Porter 15 dagar sedan
it's bucky brooks so i know before even watching this most of these are going to be wildly inaccurate
Matt Psycho
Matt Psycho 15 dagar sedan
Detroit has playmakers at wr, has he never heard of Kenny golladay
Chicken Code
Chicken Code 15 dagar sedan
Defonta smith isn’t falling past the giants. If a team needs a receiver they aren’t gonna pass on him
Tyler Maglisco
Tyler Maglisco 15 dagar sedan
Steelers are not taking a lb n first round. They might take a rb from Clemson or a qb
Spooky Fool
Spooky Fool 15 dagar sedan
Truth be told, if the Texans want to cut the rebuild into 2 season, they should trade Watson. It will look similar to the Hershell Walker trade but even bigger
Johnthetechguy 15 dagar sedan
dang man imagine devonta smith larry legend and deandre hopkins......
BarkleyBoss 14 dagar sedan
how is fitz a weapon lmao he's so old and has an overrated career
Alex Galeano
Alex Galeano 15 dagar sedan
Devonta to the jets quit playing
Trap Hospital
Trap Hospital 15 dagar sedan
This mock is ass 💩
Among us Man
Among us Man 15 dagar sedan
U really think ja’marr chase is going 3 over the heismen trophy winner davante smith
russin gaming
russin gaming 15 dagar sedan
No way the ravens would pick a edge rusher they need a WR
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