Say Their Stories: Vanessa Guillen as told by Eric Rowe

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“I just hope that if people see her name on my helmet they go look her story up.”
Miami Dolphins safety Eric Rowe honors the life of Vanessa Guillen. #SayTheirStories #InspireChange
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Jesús rs
Jesús rs 3 dagar sedan
"twenty one pilots and Pink" in the next half time ¡please!
faiz Ali
faiz Ali 9 dagar sedan
It’s so messed up how this happened in the army
bigbaba1111 9 dagar sedan
metoo gives a crap about clinton and biden because they are democrats. also: weinstein was famous in hollywood but all his liberal friends gave him cover.
Sand Man Alexander
Sand Man Alexander 11 dagar sedan
Wow, this guy told her story like an absolute moron.
Libert Siagian
Libert Siagian 12 dagar sedan
Stick. To. Football.
دودي و سلطان
دودي و سلطان 13 dagar sedan
شوفو اخر مقطع وعطوني رايكم استمر ولا اوقف
FakeUser NameTwo
FakeUser NameTwo 13 dagar sedan
Dat base ain't right
weekendtrailerparksupervisor 420
weekendtrailerparksupervisor 420 13 dagar sedan
She died serving this country and not by the hands of a enemy combatant. But you expect us to rise up for a national anthem???
weekendtrailerparksupervisor 420
weekendtrailerparksupervisor 420 11 dagar sedan
@Sand Man Alexander yeah so we don’t. Thanks Captain Obvious 👨‍✈️ 👍🏽
Sand Man Alexander
Sand Man Alexander 11 dagar sedan
You don't have to do anything. Whatever you do makes you who you are, your choice
Ed Medlin
Ed Medlin 13 dagar sedan
Who is responsible for the thumbs down? Is it that they don’t like the story? Well, who would?
Peyton Turner
Peyton Turner 12 dagar sedan
The bootlickers
lucas 13 dagar sedan
They don’t listen to the story. The dislike is because of the association with SJW and BLM
RealRareAP 13 dagar sedan
All the dislikes from white trump supporters
MrFootballman52 4 dagar sedan
What's any of that got to do with anything? This story is awful and needs to be brought to light, has absolutely nothing to do with who anyone voted for or what their race is
Johnathan Hall
Johnathan Hall 13 dagar sedan
Never forget
Anthony Lombardo
Anthony Lombardo 13 dagar sedan
What do you say about this, Antonio Brown?
Sam Gilbert
Sam Gilbert 13 dagar sedan
#metoo has devolved into left wing propaganda. Stop promoting it. SA is HORRENDOUS and any man OR women found to have involved with it, should be tried to the highest extend.
Christian Bennett
Christian Bennett 13 dagar sedan
It’s tough to think someone would do that to somebody that is so toung
Smart Kid Jimmy
Smart Kid Jimmy 13 dagar sedan
This is even worse than most of the stories. It's awful that this happened in the army
Hisui Ryu
Hisui Ryu 8 dagar sedan
that is sucks, corrupted army
One Gamer Productions
One Gamer Productions 13 dagar sedan
Love Eric Rowe's play this year FINS UP!!
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Ryan Fitzpatrick 13 dagar sedan
Stop virtue signalling
Day-Fi 13 dagar sedan
@Ryan Fitzpatrick 😂😂 YOU CLOWN!!! 🤡
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Ryan Fitzpatrick 13 dagar sedan
@johno5757 yes, and yes, it is still virtue signalling
johno5757 13 dagar sedan
Did you even watch the video? She wasn't killed by a white man or cop.
Jacob Boaden
Jacob Boaden 13 dagar sedan
Ok this Is good. Justice for this absolutely:)
Chickengenius420 13 dagar sedan
I don’t want to see anybody get hurt, but please stick to football, I don’t tune into the NFL for social justice issues, I tune in to escape them. Thanks. Lifetime Bengals fan
Sand Man Alexander
Sand Man Alexander 11 dagar sedan
@Benjamin Chin um.... what? You just said the majority of the players are "black", implying they are also millionaires or very well off but somehow at the same time they are not equal. You are thoughtless
FakeUser NameTwo
FakeUser NameTwo 13 dagar sedan
@Jacob Boaden Half black but all the owners are white. "Sure sure let them do there thing. Not like it'll matter hehe" -Owners meeting probably
Connor Reed
Connor Reed 13 dagar sedan
@Jacob Boaden the problem isn’t with players getting opportunities they’re just using their position to spread awareness on the subject
Davis2Nguyen 13 dagar sedan
Well, that’s a you problem. People are facing reality head on and no one cares about your comfort zone.
Dandaman2k4 13 dagar sedan
Then maybe don’t click on the video?
DaJuice 13 dagar sedan
Where’s the HLM movement? Where’s the riots? What about all the Hispanic people that get killed by the police? Where’s the victim card? Oh yea... we don’t care.
FakeUser NameTwo
FakeUser NameTwo 13 dagar sedan
People only care if it's a black man. Nobody seems to mention the rise in hate crimes against Asians because Trump said "China virus". Must be all the white chicks and cucks who likes black dudes.
Ricardo Masvidal
Ricardo Masvidal 13 dagar sedan
Im glad Eric gave light to Vanessa Guillen, she gets lost in all the horrible things going on.
JR ARAFAT CHANNEL 13 dagar sedan
Jamari Jones
Jamari Jones 13 dagar sedan
It’s amazing how so many people have a change of heart
Benjamin Chin
Benjamin Chin 13 dagar sedan
Anyone who disliked this: Why? Do you support oppression?
DEW IT 8 dagar sedan
@Benjamin Chin
Benjamin Chin
Benjamin Chin 8 dagar sedan
@DEW IT who are u too say if it belongs in the NFL. most of the NFL is black.
Villa 12 dagar sedan
@johno5757 aw man thats so disgusting rip that guy bless his soul
DEW IT 13 dagar sedan
@Benjamin Chin blm message is good but has no place on the NFL which is why the ratings have been low
Mikey Serrano
Mikey Serrano 13 dagar sedan
@Benjamin Chin My point was to disprove what that other commenter was saying. He was like "they don't show when others do bad, it's anti-white" and all the bs. This video was a clear deviation from that. It looks like the person who commented that deleted it
Nathan Berg
Nathan Berg 13 dagar sedan
Rip Vanessa Guillen 🙏🙏🙏
Deezy Huligan
Deezy Huligan 13 dagar sedan
Pray for our country. Half of us want change the other half wants to go back to oppression. Hard battle
Deezy Huligan
Deezy Huligan 11 dagar sedan
@Sand Man Alexander not agreeing or disagreeing just want us to move forward as safely as possible. I feel like there is a political war going on and eventually black ppl will have to pick a side. Just like the civil war
Big Sex
Big Sex 11 dagar sedan
@RealRareAP Come back to the present buddy lol
Sand Man Alexander
Sand Man Alexander 11 dagar sedan
@RealRareAP top moronic comment 🤣
Sand Man Alexander
Sand Man Alexander 11 dagar sedan
@Deezy Huligan Antifa actually "stormed" the Capitol building. The Trump supporters just wandered in like sheep
RealRareAP 13 dagar sedan
@Bill Bill yeah and white people put blacks through slavery 50 years ago help me understand that
Landi Smith
Landi Smith 13 dagar sedan
xPositivityx bless
xPositivityx bless 13 dagar sedan
NFL, can you do a story on tony timpa?
Kalan McDaniel
Kalan McDaniel 13 dagar sedan
Earliest video I've been too
Nate Johnson
Nate Johnson 13 dagar sedan
Guillen is the one name that I full heartedly want to get justice for
Erika V!rG!N- S3X : TAP H3R3
Erika V!rG!N- S3X : TAP H3R3 13 dagar sedan
Your choice of words is always spot on. You make me believe that everything you say is right and just.
jrad410 13 dagar sedan
That base has had a lot of issues, very sad. On the side as a patriots fan I see Rowe and I can’t help but think how he got torched in the SuperBowl lol
MT35 13 dagar sedan
Not really his fault. Malcolm Butler was supposed to start and just minutes before the game BB pulls him out.
Jakob Worm
Jakob Worm 13 dagar sedan
FastNike8 13 dagar sedan
Sandro Doulis
Sandro Doulis 13 dagar sedan
munny moore
munny moore 13 dagar sedan
Football EditzHD
Football EditzHD 13 dagar sedan
J Miner
J Miner 13 dagar sedan
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