Top Performers of Super Bowl LV

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Michael44 15 dagar sedan
: television ratings for the Super Bowl fell to a 50-year low, and its demonic halftime show about his fallen angels was described by an ex-NFL great this way: "It’s like they know the Bible well enough to tell you what parts they enter in at and they stop just before the part where they lose. Haha."
J. Chang
J. Chang 16 dagar sedan
Devin white is insanely skilled. So fast for his size, crazy good hands for a linebacker, and insanely fierce when blitzing.
Andre Ecija
Andre Ecija 19 dagar sedan
Tom Brady 7 rings
this is 4EVER!
this is 4EVER! 19 dagar sedan
devin white is by far my favorite defender in the league and the best one... next goat?🤔
Reek 19 dagar sedan
Devin White, Best LB in NFL.
Smex Dmx
Smex Dmx 19 dagar sedan
12+87=99 problems for the defense !
Oliver McCall
Oliver McCall 19 dagar sedan
Devin White should have won MVP instead of Tom Brady but it's become a QB award now 😔
jimmysp4des 4 dagar sedan
Its always been a qb award.
Angel Jayanti
Angel Jayanti 20 dagar sedan
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VoltXxShot2 20 dagar sedan
Khanji Santos
Khanji Santos 20 dagar sedan
Only the greats don’t say they are the best “let my game speak for myself” - Rob Gronkowski
Sky Plagues
Sky Plagues 21 dag sedan
Aren't these the same clowns who confidently bet on the Chiefs with backup tackles and said they'd score at least 30 pointss?!
Taylor Makes 2
Taylor Makes 2 21 dag sedan
Just glad the 2 year KC fluke is over.
Wes Major69
Wes Major69 21 dag sedan
28 shouldve got MVP
Laura Márquez
Laura Márquez 21 dag sedan
“Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💕
JPTV3000 21 dag sedan
What do you mean top performers the whole team top performed the chiefs
Yvng_Greenbean 21 dag sedan
i remember at the beginning of the season when i said the bucaneers would win the super bowl lol, people thought i was crazy
Jerry Golan
Jerry Golan 21 dag sedan
What's that girl doing wearing that camel skin parka??
Ahmad Glover
Ahmad Glover 21 dag sedan
Kyle Lemery
Kyle Lemery 21 dag sedan
We need a superbowl LV mic'd up moments😤
W Thomas
W Thomas 21 dag sedan
Super owl
Milan Bhimani
Milan Bhimani 21 dag sedan
That dummy giving game ball to GM. Guys who scored today wouldn't be there without Tom Brady, Brady came in as a free agent so there also he doesnt have a part. if he can keep the team as it is then next year we can give some credit to him, otherwise it was all Brady
Mr ME 21 dag sedan
I don’t know why i find this funny 😆
Hakeem M
Hakeem M 21 dag sedan
Brady literally is the greatest to ever cheat
WayStedYou 21 dag sedan
The Weeknd got more yards than KC during his halftime show
Highway City
Highway City 21 dag sedan
The top performers were Brady and the refs bc Brady obviously paid the refs so he could win
jimmysp4des 4 dagar sedan
7 rings
D1PHAM 21 dag sedan
Devin White was selected "5th" overall by the Buccaneers in the 2019 draft. 1:30
Smart Kid Sports
Smart Kid Sports 21 dag sedan
I honestly think Leonard Fournette should've won MVP. Change my mind
jimmysp4des 4 dagar sedan
I win
Ηλίας Δρακόπουλος
Ηλίας Δρακόπουλος 21 dag sedan
Brady tied Otto Graham for the most championships in Pro Football 🏈 History, he will brake also this record. P.S Since February 2015 and Super Bowl XLIX, Brady wins the Super Bowl every 2 years. He will win 1 more in 2 years and even If I want to see him going back 2 back next year in LA
teejayy chinky
teejayy chinky 21 dag sedan
I really hope they reload that defense pay everyone and get them all back including from the offensive side they all well deserve to get paid great job superbowl champs
Edward Azar
Edward Azar 21 dag sedan
Tampa Bays defence was so intense they chased down every play with real vigor and did not stop until the final whistle. They won the game .
Terry McGill
Terry McGill 21 dag sedan
Congrats Bucs.
Patrick Stovall
Patrick Stovall 21 dag sedan
I don't see the refs on this list. You can have a Brady win without the refs help. That was the most one-sided, biased, rigged officiating job in the history of the NFL, and the only people who don't agree is brain dead bucs fans
jimmysp4des 4 dagar sedan
7 rings
FJK711 21 dag sedan
9 points
JustSour 21 dag sedan
3 injurys on the cheifs oline and 1 starter opt out
Wishing Dead
Wishing Dead 21 dag sedan
The Defense Carried the bucks, not to anything away from the offense But D A M N
Adam Bitlesson Arts
Adam Bitlesson Arts 21 dag sedan
What is super bowl?
SaverioDiGiusto 21 dag sedan
The top ten teams NFL 2020/21 are: 1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 🏆🥇🎉🎉🎉 2) Kansas City Chiefs 🥈🏅🎉🎉🎉🎊 3) Indianapolis Colts 🥉🏅🎉🎊🎉🎊 4)Tennessee Titans 🏅🎉🎊🎉🎊 5) Pittsburgh Steelers🏅🏅🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉 6) Seattle Seahawks 🏅🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉 7) New Orleans Saints🏅🏅🎉🎊🎉🎊 8) Buffalo Bills 🏅🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉 9) Green Bay Packers 🏅🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉 10) Cleveland Browns 🏅🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉
Yah Mean
Yah Mean 21 dag sedan
All that patrick mahomo does is run around in circles and throw
myguysneaker 1
myguysneaker 1 21 dag sedan
Can’t leave lavonte David behind .. he straight shut down Travis kelcy
NAS X 21 dag sedan
“Shouldn’t have sighed a 10 year deal”
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g 21 dag sedan
Todd Bowles will get another chance one day as a Head Coach, this time with a real franchise.
Goro Yamaguchi
Goro Yamaguchi 21 dag sedan
Jason Licht is the best GM in the NFL, this guy Drafts and run's the free agency like no other. Stay with us forever Jason!
Read my ABOUT section PLEASE
Read my ABOUT section PLEASE 21 dag sedan
Sorry for commenting here but do you have a spare $1? Savin' to get my laptop fixed or get a new one. Will use it for working. Swear, I'm not a bad person. Just desperate. Lost a lot since 2020. 😷
jimmysp4des 4 dagar sedan
Heres 5 bro.
Michelangelo 21 dag sedan
Jason looks trashed 🤣
sad 21 dag sedan
Mahomes is still a great qb. Maybe he'll go to another afc championship game but the way his team played was terrible. They might carry that momentum into next season and just won't be the best again.
AndyS303 21 dag sedan
Tom Brady's career is basically a Hollywood movie in real life
Agent Smith
Agent Smith 21 dag sedan
I wanted bucs to win but I still feel bad for mahomes. His team mates were just dropping great passes left and right.
Walker Jones
Walker Jones 21 dag sedan
I gotta give it to JPP!!
Du M
Du M 21 dag sedan
👇 this is all the bucs fans
The Ringo & Monte Show
The Ringo & Monte Show 22 dagar sedan
i know what 87+12 is...its 99 problems for the defense ROFL IM DEAD FROM THAT ONE
Keaton Thompson
Keaton Thompson 22 dagar sedan
connor miller
connor miller 22 dagar sedan
My boy Gronk I think maybe the greatest TE of all time
Lockie T
Lockie T 22 dagar sedan
No mention of Brady’s Oline. They’re the reason Brady took only like 5 total steps and burned probably 3 calories out there
John W
John W 22 dagar sedan
FJK711 21 dag sedan
9 points
Nicholas Conroy
Nicholas Conroy 21 dag sedan
PortsmouthLad 22 dagar sedan
Game balls go to players, guys! 😖
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson 22 dagar sedan
Defense win championships 0 touchdown in a Superbowl game
MixDatSalt 22 dagar sedan
Brady - One of the cleanest SB games by a QB I've ever seen. Defense - for shutting down the best roster in the NFL. Fornette - Dude straight balled Gronk - was a huge X factor The offense hung 30+ and Defense allowed under 10. This is one of the best overall dominant wins I've ever seen.
anthonytrainer 22 dagar sedan
Why isn’t the chiefs o line a top performer? 😭😭😭😭😭
Geoffrey Willemsen
Geoffrey Willemsen 22 dagar sedan
What an awesome game and performances ft the weekend last night
Kenneth Allen
Kenneth Allen 22 dagar sedan
Chiefs Showed their Soft
Matthew Wronkoski
Matthew Wronkoski 22 dagar sedan
Refs with 6 GCP's
jimmysp4des 4 dagar sedan
7 rings
FJK711 21 dag sedan
9 points
Steve Saenz
Steve Saenz 22 dagar sedan
There should be team MVP!!
Chase Adams
Chase Adams 22 dagar sedan
Kudos to the defense on playing amazingly well throughout all four quarters. They never eased up not one bit and they made Patrick very uncomfortable which was the formula to them winning their second championship. #PropstoToddBowles
Eric W
Eric W 22 dagar sedan
Our defense was prepared for KC this time... Credit Todd and the boys they did a good job not leaving it all on Brady's shoulders! Very epic win!
oopopp x
oopopp x 22 dagar sedan
The LEGEND of Tom Brady grows...
Bill Goodman
Bill Goodman 22 dagar sedan
Brady is God!
Caden Burnette
Caden Burnette 21 dag sedan
I love that man but that’s definitely blasphemy
Lxck WAVY 22 dagar sedan
I think mahomes had the top performance on those 2 plays but nobody caught the balls
McBoyz11 22 dagar sedan
Devin white dope
Hofni Amwaalwa
Hofni Amwaalwa 22 dagar sedan
Devin White really is the best linebacker rn.
Jonathan 21 dag sedan
@Hofni Amwaalwa that’s true but Warner’s 24 and there’s no sign of him slowing down any time soon
Hofni Amwaalwa
Hofni Amwaalwa 21 dag sedan
@Jonathan for his age (22) its a safe bet that he can become an all time great given his greatness already..hes a great leader too
Jonathan 21 dag sedan
Dude had a good season and a couple good playoff games but no he’s not the best
Why Whyerson
Why Whyerson 21 dag sedan
Devin white better be in the pro bowl next year
Ty Wilson
Ty Wilson 22 dagar sedan
And he’s fast af
Mason Pechinski
Mason Pechinski 22 dagar sedan
I give a TON a credit to Todd. He knew the situation with the Chiefs offensive line, and he took advantage of it. Absolutely incredible.
Chief44 22 dagar sedan
The refs were the top performers
jimmysp4des 4 dagar sedan
7 rings
FJK711 21 dag sedan
9 points
Ryan and Mason
Ryan and Mason 22 dagar sedan
Where were the flags on the bucs and where were the chiefs o line
Ryan and Mason
Ryan and Mason 22 dagar sedan
What do you mean I said where the flags on the bucs
Eric W
Eric W 22 dagar sedan
Same place the flags were for KC when the Bucs played them the first time... tucked away. Just sucks more when it happens to your team.
Turlock Kalifornia
Turlock Kalifornia 22 dagar sedan
Mike mayock picked Ferrell over devin white 🤦‍♂️
Horror Freak
Horror Freak 22 dagar sedan
The refs
jimmysp4des 4 dagar sedan
7 rings
FJK711 21 dag sedan
9 points
MobiusCoin 22 dagar sedan
lol weird Metallica references
Ryzen 22 dagar sedan
HansCent 22 dagar sedan
The refs should be here too
FJK711 21 dag sedan
9 points
Keeranbikash Patra
Keeranbikash Patra 22 dagar sedan
I feel Tom Brady has the most American face and smile than anyone else
Gavinoloupe 21 dag sedan
@Keeranbikash Patra yea kinda, it's just so basic😂
Keeranbikash Patra
Keeranbikash Patra 21 dag sedan
@Gavinoloupe his face oddly resembles some American cartoon superheroes with a large grin and small eyes represented by lines, which i used to watch back in the day.
Mango Mangay
Mango Mangay 21 dag sedan
And people ask me why I'm proud to be an American.
Gavinoloupe 22 dagar sedan
Omg why's that true🤣
Aaron Beaulieu
Aaron Beaulieu 22 dagar sedan
A lot of people are rightfully praising Todd Bowles and they should for holding the most dynamic offensive since the 2013 Broncos to 9 points in the superbowl. But I want to give a shout out to Bryan Leftwich for a fantastic offensive gameplan too. He knew Steve Spagnuolo loves to dial up all kinds of different blitzes against Brady, they dialed up one on that first drive that went 3 and out. So they went heavy run and heavy screen early. The message was sent on that first drive "blitz us at your own risk" and after that Brady had all day to throw, and everything was opened up for them.
Lebron James
Lebron James 22 dagar sedan
Scripted scripted scripted scripted scripted
jimmysp4des 4 dagar sedan
Flopper flopper flopper flopper flopper
TJ Stevens
TJ Stevens 22 dagar sedan
4:22 That retro jacket looking kinda fire tho
Andrew Fung
Andrew Fung 22 dagar sedan
Imagine Gronks Hall of Fame Speech oh my god I wouldn’t be able to take him seriously 😂😂😂
Chiefs Kingdom
Chiefs Kingdom 22 dagar sedan
Are we just gonna ignore that Mahomes was doing EVERYTHING he possibly could, dude made RIDICULOUS passes while being sacked his receivers just suck and dropped dimes
Stan Pitt
Stan Pitt 21 dag sedan
Ya Ridiculous passes that shouldn’t of been thrown. Ya if they won receivers would of been great , fastest receiver/ best tight end . Sound like Britney Mahomes ssshhhh!
Lockie T
Lockie T 21 dag sedan
@Greg eth. same with you bud. You tried to be a smartass and got called out. Nice try lmao. Grow tf up and stay out of ppl's business. "Called out for your bullshit". What bullshit? That I'm a Bucs fan? Foh you can't even read yet you chimed in like you know wtf you are talking about. You have the rationale level of a kid. You're one of them. Sit boi
Greg eth.
Greg eth. 21 dag sedan
@Lockie T Sounds like you know you got called out for your bullshit and are trying so desperately to flip it. Grow tf up.
Lockie T
Lockie T 21 dag sedan
@Greg eth. sounds like you're doing the same. Without any good points I want to add. Get your weakass outa here dude. You're the same
Greg eth.
Greg eth. 21 dag sedan
@Lockie T You're really reaching for an argument aren't you. Good luck lad, not engaging with that. Could have left it how it was.
Phiology 22 dagar sedan
Tom Brady of the Rings: Return of the Gronk! 7 rings to rule them all!
Mr S
Mr S 22 dagar sedan
Chiefs fans getting ready to say they lost because of refs like:
Josh Foster
Josh Foster 22 dagar sedan
The refs did a fine job of making sure Tom Brady never had to worry
FJK711 21 dag sedan
9 points
Arised 22 dagar sedan
what did the refs do ?
David thegoat80
David thegoat80 22 dagar sedan
Tom Brady a real one for getting AB back on track 🐐
OSOWAVEY IS KING 22 dagar sedan
fax fax
Eon.Z 22 dagar sedan
Eon.Z 4 dagar sedan
@jimmysp4des I messin around I'm salty but I also have an opinion and I can respect his game and how he's played but I still don,t like him. I hope have a nice day bye bye
jimmysp4des 4 dagar sedan
Then why did you answer nerd?
Aaron Beaulieu
Aaron Beaulieu 22 dagar sedan
The thing about massive blowouts like this is you could've given the MVP to like 10 people. Brady had a super bowl MVP night no doubt, but if Gronk, Fornett, or any of the linebackers won it nobody would've batted an eye.
Goodle In
Goodle In 22 dagar sedan
The score was insane for the super bowl 31-9😧
Zach Wagner
Zach Wagner 22 dagar sedan
Why the guy on the left sitting like that 😭😭😭😭
Hofni Amwaalwa
Hofni Amwaalwa 22 dagar sedan
lulEdaP 22 dagar sedan
Brady , gronk, fournette and the whole defense should’ve won MVP
Drop Kick Murphy00
Drop Kick Murphy00 21 dag sedan
Dude shame on you not mentioning Bucs O line in that same sentence ? ;) Come on now. The Bucs had the perfect game in a lot of ways. D wins games. But the O line were studs
Rainman 21 dag sedan
@Roman Rosado lol at this point just give the whole team MVP. Everyone did their job. Buccs dominated every single aspect of the game.
Roman Rosado
Roman Rosado 21 dag sedan
Don’t forget the o line
Rainman 21 dag sedan
gotta throw AB in there as well. Saucing Mathieu with 6 seconds to go for a TD destroyed the Chiefs morale, you could even see it by tyreeks reaction right after the play.
Angel Bank's Lopez
Angel Bank's Lopez 22 dagar sedan
That game robbed from Kansas City NFL rigged
FJK711 21 dag sedan
9 points
christian recon
christian recon 22 dagar sedan
They didn't score once, I guess that's the refs fault huh?
Mohammad Abuali
Mohammad Abuali 22 dagar sedan
lulEdaP 22 dagar sedan
Eri Grossi
Eri Grossi 22 dagar sedan
Who here waiting for the nfl films mini docu
Wigantic Gang
Wigantic Gang 21 dag sedan
JDBass36 21 dag sedan
Me!! How long until they usually release it?
KhiiFrmNY 22 dagar sedan
I was hearing that Devin White dude everytime the Bucs were on defense
Bwynt 20 dagar sedan
He was literally all over the field ! Dude is a monster !
Wigantic Gang
Wigantic Gang 21 dag sedan
Cause Devin white is the future
emir 22 dagar sedan
Maurizio Spagna
Maurizio Spagna 22 dagar sedan
Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles a great man, a great professional who entered sports history. (di Maurizio Spagna©2021) - The signature of American sport in Italy -
Team Time Riders
Team Time Riders 22 dagar sedan
Kay Adams thinking about gronk on top of her on the regZ
Buccaneers Fan57
Buccaneers Fan57 22 dagar sedan
Metal Oreo
Metal Oreo 22 dagar sedan
Brady is the GOAT he’s proved hi dominance over the years but now we know he’s the real goat not Montana, Brees, Marino
Luqman Gossar
Luqman Gossar 22 dagar sedan
At 43, Tom Brady is the oldest player to win a Super Bowl, passing up the previous record holder, 41 year old Tom Brady"
Yeetguy 21 dag sedan
And he do be da cool kimd boi
Amelinda TOEIC
Amelinda TOEIC 21 dag sedan
fis that oh good
WoWsRnOt e
WoWsRnOt e 22 dagar sedan
@bailey Plays stay mad
lxIceRaptorzzl 1
lxIceRaptorzzl 1 22 dagar sedan
Letz sea how many subs i can get from this comment?,.. current:366
Ramiro Rodriguez
Ramiro Rodriguez 22 dagar sedan
Really cuz I don’t think the 61 people that liked his comment says they don’t
Team Time Riders
Team Time Riders 22 dagar sedan
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