J.J. Watt Released by Texans

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Ivanna Jaime ViRoque
Ivanna Jaime ViRoque 2 dagar sedan
nr_fish 12 dagar sedan
He needs to play for the titans
Flowers inherhair
Flowers inherhair 13 dagar sedan
Love the old Bucs' swag
Sara Fast
Sara Fast 14 dagar sedan
R.I.P Texans
Adrian Ochoa
Adrian Ochoa 14 dagar sedan
The determined baby pathogenetically expect because clock coincidently practise except a nifty marimba. gainful, lumpy cornet
Daily Dose of Gaming
Daily Dose of Gaming 14 dagar sedan
Deshaun trying to open the airplane that JJ is in: LET ME IN.... LET ME INNNNNNN!!!!
I LOVE GOD AND JESUS JOHN 3:16 REVELATION 21:4 15 dagar sedan
John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
دودي و سلطان
دودي و سلطان 15 dagar sedan
تابعو مقطعنا الاخير وادعمونا بلايك 👍🏻
Trenton Loerke
Trenton Loerke 15 dagar sedan
Texans are going to suck
Michael44 15 dagar sedan
Setback for Satan: television ratings for the Super Bowl fell to a 50-year low, and its demonic halftime show about his fallen angels was described by an ex-NFL great this way: "It’s like they know the Bible well enough to tell you what parts they enter in at and they stop just before the part where they lose. Haha."
Getoutofmy Roomstepbro
Getoutofmy Roomstepbro 14 dagar sedan
...what ?! 😂😂
xpto41 15 dagar sedan
come to the cowboys
Paulo followtheredsohes
Paulo followtheredsohes 15 dagar sedan
Ev 15 dagar sedan
People 3 Years Ago: The Texans would never get rid of their best players Texans: Gets rid of best players People: ...
gate lotusgoldhaven
gate lotusgoldhaven 15 dagar sedan
That's good he deserves better then the that I wish him gat a better team this time good luck bro!
Sherif Salami
Sherif Salami 15 dagar sedan
I hope he comes to atl him and Grady jerrett could cause havoc but I hope he joins a team that will get him a ring
CHAMPbastien 15 dagar sedan
the texans really went from a playoff team to the new bengals rivals
CHAMPbastien 15 dagar sedan
off to tampa
jonathan ramos
jonathan ramos 15 dagar sedan
Come to the raiders jj!!!
C Lay
C Lay 15 dagar sedan
Damon Harris
Damon Harris 15 dagar sedan
He can go the 49ers and we will go to the super bowl the west is not enough
Ron Gray
Ron Gray 15 dagar sedan
Long Vacation For Watt in Houston TX! He always Hurt! & he got Paid Millions! Did Watt (EVER) Play for the Texans???🤔
Victor Da Silva
Victor Da Silva 15 dagar sedan
Gettum bucs
Ryan Halle
Ryan Halle 16 dagar sedan
what the f*ck
Imjust HereJustSayin
Imjust HereJustSayin 16 dagar sedan
Jacob Cleveland
Jacob Cleveland 16 dagar sedan
Yooo J.J, go to Vegas, they could use you.
the roman
the roman 16 dagar sedan
Watt to the bucs
Dreaklock 16 dagar sedan
I hope he goes to play with Tom Brady and Gronk
Tomás Grané
Tomás Grané 16 dagar sedan
Esto es lo que le gusta a los yankees
Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Galaxy 16 dagar sedan
Should play with tom Brady for a chance of a ring
mysticredknight 16 dagar sedan
Welcome to Tampa Mr. Watt.
Lightsøme 16 dagar sedan
All these headlines make it sound like the man was released from prison 😂
Wolf- LW WOLF 16 dagar sedan
Imagine he goes to the bucs
Maverick 16 dagar sedan
“He’s 32” God DAMN quit mentioning football players 30s like they’re headed for a retirement home. They’re not old.
Stephen House
Stephen House 14 dagar sedan
In his position 32 is 60 what they do ages the body years ahead
Dave Cartwright
Dave Cartwright 16 dagar sedan
JJ is going to Pittsburgh
Jacob Soto
Jacob Soto 16 dagar sedan
Bye Bye Denver Diva
Mar López
Mar López 16 dagar sedan
Dirty brd
Dirty brd 16 dagar sedan
Come to Atlanta brother
Brian Kimball
Brian Kimball 16 dagar sedan
The Texans should rename their team the titanic’s
vic 1964
vic 1964 16 dagar sedan
He can go any where he wants
Deacon and Nora
Deacon and Nora 16 dagar sedan
Wow dumb decision by Texans
Deshaun Watson
Deshaun Watson 16 dagar sedan
Just giving me more reasons to leave
Dat Dude
Dat Dude 16 dagar sedan
I think he would be a good fit for the Chiefs. They need to beef up that D line. Bucs,Steelers,Browns also.
Jeffrey Prezalar
Jeffrey Prezalar 16 dagar sedan
He had been hurt too many times and he will not be offered big money,sorry and if somebody offers big money they are stupid.
StreetLogic 17 dagar sedan
Titans want you!!
shawn bopko
shawn bopko 17 dagar sedan
Next hes eather going to cowboys or the jets they both needs some defense
Mike Brychka
Mike Brychka 17 dagar sedan
His best years are behind him. He had alot of injuries. Hes not gonna make a big impact wherever he goes. He could be in rotation at best.
Lamar Johnson
Lamar Johnson 17 dagar sedan
He wanted to leave I would to after all the years of bullshit I wouldn't take it
Supreme 3-6-9
Supreme 3-6-9 17 dagar sedan
Come too Denver
JavierIsInfamous 17 dagar sedan
Bring him to Tampa 🥳🥳
James Carroll
James Carroll 17 dagar sedan
Tampa Bay Perhaps?🤔
jimmyboy1582 17 dagar sedan
He should go to the Bucs.
Leon Sheppard
Leon Sheppard 17 dagar sedan
Bears get Watt. Now.
Tobias Obermayr
Tobias Obermayr 17 dagar sedan
Didn't Watson apologize to JJ?!
layitdownn2009 17 dagar sedan
JJ Watt:I will really miss the texans:(
Shawn Mitchell
Shawn Mitchell 17 dagar sedan
jic 17 dagar sedan
new chargers DE to join Joey Bosa
おっさんかたんそ 17 dagar sedan
Gokublue001 1
Gokublue001 1 17 dagar sedan
watt declined a lot past few years. was not worth 17 mil a year especially on a bad team.
Crateofthebrain 17 dagar sedan
Tampa Bay will welcome him with open arms.
Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams 17 dagar sedan
This is the dismantling of the Texans. But now some other player chances are there.
GamingNarwal 17 dagar sedan
Come to the cards!
jonathan ordonez
jonathan ordonez 17 dagar sedan
The best player on that pathetic team..
Jasper Burroughs
Jasper Burroughs 17 dagar sedan
David Culley is screwing it
Tan Garz
Tan Garz 17 dagar sedan
Imagine if the buccaneers get watt
NolanEP 17 dagar sedan
JJ going to Tampa.
Joseph Chatman
Joseph Chatman 17 dagar sedan
Come on home to Las Vegas The Nation will welcome you with open arms
Emma H
Emma H 17 dagar sedan
Steelers have a $1 in salary cap room
alldayallnitelv 17 dagar sedan
We need him RN4L
Lxck WAVY 17 dagar sedan
Giants please don’t do it!
Sugarist0 17 dagar sedan
He must’ve took Harden‘s advice to leave Houston, Watson should’ve listened
Rudegamekiller 17 dagar sedan
Come on over to the bay brother! Niner Empire baby!
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g 17 dagar sedan
Imagine the Subway commercials if JJ Watt signs with the Steelers.
Buzz Lightyear
Buzz Lightyear 17 dagar sedan
Jj to the cowboys boys someone call jerry for me and tell him buzzlightyear said..thank u
gheik 17 dagar sedan
I can see a team friendly 1 year deal in Green Bay. He wants to play in Wisconsin.
Dr. Rick Progressive commercial
Dr. Rick Progressive commercial 17 dagar sedan
Where the h*!! dude got that T.B.jacket from ?
Matt Wallis
Matt Wallis 17 dagar sedan
He’s probably going to join the packers cuz that’s his home town and he always wanted to be drafted there
Aarav Dhanesha
Aarav Dhanesha 17 dagar sedan
Falcons where u at. Get this mans now
John Wick
John Wick 17 dagar sedan
Think the Texans will have the #1 pick next season once Watson is gone
wils 17 dagar sedan
Who is JJ Watt
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis 17 dagar sedan
Good he needed that
Jarvis sledge
Jarvis sledge 17 dagar sedan
Now let Watson go
Zuperman 17 dagar sedan
lets be honest, hes probably gonna go to the bills
Kevin B
Kevin B 17 dagar sedan
Patriots used to be the team to sweep in right about now. Maybe Tampa does that now?
tigerrrr121 17 dagar sedan
Dallas Cowboys....Take JJ WATT......Don't wait
The next best
The next best 17 dagar sedan
Jk watt is best d line men ever Texans are stupid this is why they suck and didnt he raise money for the city
Jimmy A
Jimmy A 17 dagar sedan
🤔🧐 Wtf is going on in H-Town?
Ferdinand Carson
Ferdinand Carson 17 dagar sedan
Uhh yep this organization has a major management problem they could’ve give a contract then 1 Year review then deal him where he want to go with a draft pick.
ppoppicks 17 dagar sedan
Cut? I thought I read somewhere that it was a mutually agreed decision.
Bug Bite's
Bug Bite's 17 dagar sedan
Who Cares Major League Sports has gotten Woke Racist Jerks and decent people could care less only the Racist Woke Jerk-offs care and that's not much haven't y'all seen the ratings for cry babies😅😂🤣🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
The Bat
The Bat 17 dagar sedan
Texans players just show up for the paycheck, not the championship. JJ wants to win!
John Arroyo
John Arroyo 17 dagar sedan
I’m sorry Texans fans, but how are you expecting deshaun to willingly stay after that.
Victor Herrero
Victor Herrero 17 dagar sedan
And the Broncos will cut Von Miller. Two awesome rushers will be on the market.
shaneo33t 17 dagar sedan
Definitely backing the steelers next season
Paul Arnold
Paul Arnold 17 dagar sedan
He needs to go to Tampa or the raiders
brian scott
brian scott 17 dagar sedan
He should come to philly 😳 GO EAGLES!! 🦅🦅
Roel Guillen
Roel Guillen 17 dagar sedan
As a raider fan I got to say jj does so great for the texans
frank ingram
frank ingram 17 dagar sedan
JJ going to Tampa Bay.
James Martin Jr.
James Martin Jr. 17 dagar sedan
JJ Watt: Lemme got a ring now with the Bucs DeSean Watson: ME NEXT! I WANNA LEAVE! GET ME OUTTA HERE!
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott 17 dagar sedan
Uusually when a team is doomed I always say at least they can get the number 1 pick next year and get themselves a franchise Quarterback. This time I have no idea what to say.
Angel Reyes
Angel Reyes 17 dagar sedan
He’ll go to the Cowboys.
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Lever en dag hos Sveriges kortaste familj
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