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PFF Breakout Players 2021
Nlk1 19 timmar sedan
Shaq Barrett and jpp Go bucs!
Robert Munoz Jr
Robert Munoz Jr 19 timmar sedan
That was that dayum "WASP" play (t.hill)
M Z 19 timmar sedan
My Italian immigrant family wants its own anthem too
Linda Lopez
Linda Lopez 19 timmar sedan
I'm (again lol) here for both Latinas that destroyed that stage. Two different styles. They were both the best. Never get tired of watching them. Latino gang!! ❤
G L 19 timmar sedan
LB's and pass rushers are only as good as their interior DT's allow them to be.
Elize Tremington
Elize Tremington 19 timmar sedan
Visit The Book Of Life Project on Instagram.
Tyler Wells
Tyler Wells 19 timmar sedan
the raiders played a lot better during the season in my eyes....yeah they may have had their ups and downs but they played a lot better than before
Shy B
Shy B 19 timmar sedan
Idk bout the “Greatest” upset
Joe Turner
Joe Turner 19 timmar sedan
who here after GB are back for him
Daniel Dandridge
Daniel Dandridge 19 timmar sedan
Montez Sweat Chase Young
John Cole
John Cole 19 timmar sedan
Resell CA
Resell CA 19 timmar sedan
The macho tiger tellingly hand because bulldozer definitely flood versus a frantic softball. funny, tedious yam
shepherd essis
shepherd essis 19 timmar sedan
I thought they were gonna be talking about rookies that will be sophomores
LopsterSharks 19 timmar sedan
The colts vs titans games are so underrated
Packin' Heat
Packin' Heat 19 timmar sedan
Before Zane, we had Chandler Catanzaro. Our situation of missing kicks did not change.
Mitchell Douglas
Mitchell Douglas 19 timmar sedan
I would have put that Kamara TD a bit higher possibly top 3. And that Fitzmagic pass top 5.
Packin' Heat
Packin' Heat 19 timmar sedan
Look at David Johnson man......
WiiMaster 20 timmar sedan
I remember I was mad because I had one of those Madden Mobile challenge cards and I predicted the combined score in this game would be 44 or fewer points and the Jags Patriots AFC championship would be 45 or more points. AFC championship was 24-20, 44 points This game was 38-7, 45 points
mark allen
mark allen 20 timmar sedan
When can we expect a White, Yellow and Brown National Anthem. Makes only more political divisions. Don't fall for it. "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself" (22:37-39).
Michael anthony Strahan
Michael anthony Strahan 20 timmar sedan
Hello my lady thanks for your comments on my post. Am so glad to have a wonderful fans like you. If you don't mine can we chat better on my private mail or hangout. Hit me up via [email protected]
Drake McGill
Drake McGill 20 timmar sedan
Green Bay with The Smith Brothers (Preston and Za'Darius Smith)
Jack Spruce III
Jack Spruce III 20 timmar sedan
In the USA, there is no Black, Asian, Indian, Gay or Bugs Bunny National Anthem. Blacks are free to go back to Africa where they can sing Black National Anthems ... preferably in Mauritanian, Somalia, Sudan, and/or Nigeria where slavery still exists and homosexuality is punishable by death. I'm sure these Black millionaire players and millionaire Alicia Keys would feel less oppressed living back where they came from. Or maybe they can start a Black NFL in one of the wonderfully well organized Black countries of Haiti or maybe Liberia. Just Do It.
Cedrick Williams
Cedrick Williams 20 timmar sedan
Bruh they got 2 #1st overall pick pass rushers on there roster 🤔 dats tuff you could only dream of that on madden online franchise lol
Cameron Siavoshi
Cameron Siavoshi 20 timmar sedan
Brilliant performance.
Gavin Cola
Gavin Cola 20 timmar sedan
Weres Emmanuel ogbah and Christian Wilkins
Austin Berry 20 timmar sedan
The fixed octave classically cover because clutch geographically close during a eager team. irate, cold voyage
Saquib Pasha
Saquib Pasha 20 timmar sedan
Sachin tendulkar is a good Dancer too..!
The Torta Show
The Torta Show 20 timmar sedan
Bluye Bluye
Bluye Bluye 20 timmar sedan
Burns reddick
The Torta Show
The Torta Show 20 timmar sedan
Austin Schlack
Austin Schlack 20 timmar sedan
Welcome back to greenbay!!
Leonardo Francesco
Leonardo Francesco 20 timmar sedan
Só pra quem ainda não conseguiu superar essa apresentação. Aff <3
Jo Smo
Jo Smo 20 timmar sedan
Gregory and Dlaw. People sleeping on em
Isaiah Rodriguez
Isaiah Rodriguez 20 timmar sedan
Can’t wait DC4L
PenguinREA008 20 timmar sedan
God bless don't forget to keep God first
PenguinREA008 20 timmar sedan
PenguinREA008 20 timmar sedan
God bless don't forget to keep God first
Brandon Rios
Brandon Rios 20 timmar sedan
William Bates
William Bates 20 timmar sedan
gives the cardinal 17 plays
SushiManNinja 20 timmar sedan
There's nothing unified about separating Americans by the color of their skin the national anthem is supposed to be unify American not separate them
JinJiang 21 timme sedan
this is a video about Russell... why tf is Lamar's name on this?????
Cameron Hunt
Cameron Hunt 21 timme sedan
The disrespect towards young and sweat is for real.
Djmooresson 21 timme sedan
I love Lamar
Michael Nijhawan
Michael Nijhawan 21 timme sedan
Jlo slayed put a thumbs up on this comment if you agree
akil boy 2
akil boy 2 21 timme sedan
thats my boi from osu
John Johnson
John Johnson 21 timme sedan
I mean Shaq and JPP just shut down the best QB in the league
Will2live 21 timme sedan
BassStrangla 21 timme sedan
Mike Killagreen
Mike Killagreen 21 timme sedan
dimitri delafield
dimitri delafield 21 timme sedan
1:02:45 Romo doesn't know football
Daniel Quezada
Daniel Quezada 21 timme sedan
Marlon Humphrey Top 2 corners in the League
Gabriela Garcia
Gabriela Garcia 21 timme sedan
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Jah 21 timme sedan
Nfl us stupid woke losers
Hype ShoeCooking
Hype ShoeCooking 21 timme sedan
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Marcus 21 timme sedan
Sneakyninja 08
Sneakyninja 08 21 timme sedan
Cowboys are not winning the division over giants or Washington
Bryan Martinelli
Bryan Martinelli 21 timme sedan
aikmans "my god" says it all
Whitney Bowens
Whitney Bowens 21 timme sedan
The best game last season was Lions vs Referees week 17 They crap all over Lions all game long and when that wasent enough they call the worst roughing the QB I've ever seen start the season with drama end with drama and sandwich it in between Good Job NFL there is no honesty in the game only ratings🚹💩💣
Gabriela Garcia
Gabriela Garcia 21 timme sedan
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DaSkarekrow 21 timme sedan
Down 28 - 3, 6:04 in the 3rd Qtr....Patriots has a 4th & 3...convert it! Then a 3rd & 8, and Brady runs for 15 yards for the 1st! Then Brady few plays later, TD pass to White... making it 28 - 9... This game had so many key moments but this drive set up the whole Comeback of the Century!!! Great game... I remember watching with a friend and telling her, there's no fkn way they comeback....glad Brady proved me wrong, wouldnt be the last time either (ahem Bucs vs Saints, Packers, and THEN Chiefs)
Hype ShoeCooking
Hype ShoeCooking 21 timme sedan
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T Austin
T Austin 21 timme sedan
The best to ever do it…hands down. I watched this man from his first game,to his last game and he was consistent every year.
Daniela Roa
Daniela Roa 21 timme sedan
Randall cobb coming home for the last dance💛💚🧀🥺
Dusty Rhodes
Dusty Rhodes 21 timme sedan
Demarcus Lawrence and randy Gregory
Jermaine Jones
Jermaine Jones 21 timme sedan
U are right but these haters don't see that D-law and Randy is the ones that's going to hurt teams.
Xenocide X
Xenocide X 21 timme sedan
Jadaveon is a bust in my opinion.. first overall pick and super overrated
Daniela Roa
Daniela Roa 21 timme sedan
Randall cobb about to come home, for the last dance!💛💚😩🧀
HQ 21 timme sedan
Check Cory Henry's Purple rain with Metropole Orchestra. That's really good, even better! A masterpiece.
Xenocide X
Xenocide X 21 timme sedan
Danielle hunter and chandler Jones.. soon
Kathleen Jordan
Kathleen Jordan 22 timmar sedan
African Americans *are* Americans. They are not a nation of their own. Our National Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, is the Anthem of the American Nation. If you want to create your own country with your own Anthem I know of a few islands for sale.
Soma Tóth
Soma Tóth 22 timmar sedan
meaningless sport
Triigrr 22 timmar sedan
TJ Watt and Melvin Ingram (if fully healthy) are going to be hard to beat. With Alex Highsmith in the rotation, even he could have a breakout year and be looked at more than Ingram.
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez 22 timmar sedan
Young and sweat
WhyAmNoob 22 timmar sedan
2oadisboring 22 timmar sedan
Bruh the NFL hates my Steelers 😭
Aa Ron
Aa Ron 22 timmar sedan
Who in this game is still active (2021)? I know Desean is with the Rams and Shady was contemplating retirement…
jack rosado
jack rosado 22 timmar sedan
Matheu: "Throw it again" Ref: and I took that personally